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What is AnythingEC and what kind of products do you offer?

AnythingEC is a detail supplies distributor that offers a wide range of different brands and products from MaxShine Polishers, to AutoFiber rags, to AngelWax compounds, and many more!

These are the brands we're currently distributors for:

These are are the brands we're currently distributors for:•NexDiag. •AutoFiber. •AngelWax•MaxShine. •CarCandy. •Buff and Shine

Where is AnythingEC located?

We are located in St. Augustine, Florida, USA

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If you forgot your email, contact us with the name on the account with address (to confirm it's you), and we'll change it to your preferred one. If you forgot your password, go to the account page (icon in the top right between the search and cart ic

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